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Jason Belkov - Producer / Editor / Owner

I have always had a passion for creativity!  I've spent half my life creating and executing world class culinary menus as an executive chef for premier restaurants and cultural centers.  My lifetime experiences managing culinary teams helped me to transition into visual storyteller.

I am the owner, producer and editor for Elderberry Films.  We believe in building close partnerships with our clients.  We want to personally get to know you and your company while growing together and building stunning visual content.   We will go above and beyond to get you the desired film while uniquely devising a fresh & new creative edge.

We welcome all new challenges from our clients and hope they will take us to new uncharted territories.

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Asaf Berenfeld - Director of Photography

The genius of photography is to see beyond perceived reality to create a different one. For Asaf Berenfeld, good photography comes naturally, but at the same time is a consequence of hard work. Asaf has always been intrigued by the relationship between light, color and movement, and this lifelong fascination enables him to provide insight from a unique standpoint on any project. Whether from a helicopter, a boat or the top of a skyscraper, Asaf has the talent and dedication to work in diverse situations and environments and achieve incredible results. Asaf believes the purpose of art is to change the perception of reality and capture the moment. This he does exquisitely through his work, and will continue to do on all his future projects.